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From origin to cup, we at Mighty Oak Roasters are committed to the best possible quality through ethical sourcing and positive environmental impact. 

We select exquisite coffees from around the world, with an emphasis on supporting growers who are committed to environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable practices. By sourcing through importers who share our commitments and even directly with farmers we are able to forge partnerships that promote a fair price paid for exceptional quality.

Why roast with wood?

The first reason is flavor. The heat created by a wood fire comes into direct contact with the coffee, imparting subtle aromatic flavors of the particular wood used, but without a smokey flavor you might expect.

The other is that if done properly, the environmental impact is significantly less than roasting with gas. With a very small amount of kiln dried hardwood, we can roast a full 30 lb batch of coffee. We work with local arborists who primarily source trees felled by storm damage and other natural causes, all within a 50 mile radius of our shop in Queens, New York. The real advantage to this renewable fuel source is that it is not introducing “new” carbon into the ecosystem. Extracting petroleum from deep in the earth reintroduces carbon into the atmosphere that has been removed from circulation for millions of years, disrupting the natural equilibrium. To keep any particulate from entering the atmosphere we use an extremely advanced filtration system, based around reusable trapping fields as opposed to a traditional afterburner.

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