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  • Why do you roast with wood?
    The main reason is flavor. Much like cooking over a wood fire, the compounds in coffee develop differently than they do under other heat sources. The first difference you'll notice is the aroma. Whether whole bean, ground, or brewed you'll find our coffees have a strong, captivating aroma. This is also true of the flavor, as wood roasted coffees will have a more rounded, developed flavor, without overshadowing the unique origin flavors.
  • Are all of your coffees organic and Far Trade Certified?
    We believe strongly in supporting sustainable and healthy growing practices, and work closely with our providors to ensure this. Fair trade labeling brought about some very positive changes in the supply chain, however it is a simple answer to a much more nuanced question. As transparency in the supply chain becomes the norm, we have the opportunity to ensure that farmers are properly compensated for the tremendous efforts they put into practices that are economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable. If you'd like to know more about the origin of a particular coffee, please let us know.
  • Where do you get your wood from?
    In the Northeast US we're fortunate to have many species of hardwoods that grow naturally through our area, including Oak, Ash, and Hickory. We work with suppliers from around the New York area who specialize in sustainably harvested, kiln dried cordwood. Most of this comes from blowdown, or trees that are damaged in storms or through other natrual proceses. For select single origin roasts, we contract with local orchards to put to use trees that they have removed from their lots.
  • I don't live in Astoria, will you ship to me?"
    Yes! Take a look at our online shop where you'll find which coffees we currently have available as well as some of our favorite brewing equipment. If you're not sure what suits your taste preference, feel free to reach out!
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