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28-01 24th Avenue Astoria NY 11102

You only have to taste our coffee to see why we roast with wood. A full bodied, complex cup that still allows the natural flavor to shine can only be achieved by slow roasting in small batches.


We source our coffees from around the globe, paying careful attention to the conditions in which they are grown. This means supporting farms that emphasize environmentally and socially sustainable methods to produce a high quality product, and building working relationships with farmers and importers that share our commitment.


The same goes for the fuel we use to roast. No petroleum involved, we source all we need from locally fallen trees due to storm damage and other natural causes. The northeast has a wide variety of hardwoods including Maple, Apple, and of course - Oak, that serve are a very efficient and renewable heat source.


We’re Mighty Oak Roasters. We think you’ll like the difference.

ethically sourced
green coffee

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2801 24th Avenue Astoria NY 11105  /  Tel. 1-718-777-9663

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